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The professional equality index was introduced by the Law on the freedom to choose one’s professional future.

This index enables the companies concerned toassess their level of gender equality out of 100 points, based on the following criteria:

  • gender pay gap
  • difference in individual increase rates
  • number of employees receiving a raise following maternity leave
  • parity among the 10 highest earners

Local roots

The Emile Group strives to develop its CSR actions at all levels, and in particular its involvement in local development.

Its actions are characterized by several interventions such as:

  • Welcoming young people in training to visit the company, so that they can discover our premises and meet our teams, and immerse themselves in the organic agri-food business.
  • Financing and taking part in running races and hikes around Pont-Saint-Esprit and in the Gard department.
  • The mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and the Member of Parliament welcomed us to showcase our company, which is a major contributor to employment in the department.

Social responsibility

Our actions also extend to the field of social responsibility.

Groupe Emile took part in the Pont-Saint-Esprit Telethon challenge. Participation was both financial and local. We were there as a sponsor, but we also helped create the Telethon logo on a human scale.

We are also committed beyond our borders with our sponsorship of CAP Gazelles. In 2019, we’ve decided to support Stéphanie and Elsa, two teammates from Château neuf-de-Gadagne for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles.
An adventure that is both human, 100% feminine and humanitarian.
The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is the only rally-raid in the world to be ISO 14001 certified. It contributes to :

  • Building houses from recycled water bottles
  • Promoting eco-driving: the aim is to drive as few kilometers as possible.
  • On-site medical care: a travelling medical caravan of 60 doctors and medical staff visits villages close to the race to provide care and carry out operations free of charge.

Social responsibility also means contributing to employee well-being.

To achieve this, Groupe Emile has worked to set up cultural advantages with :

  • Tickets for cultural events, with a box at Montpellier’s Arena Sud de France.
  • Setting up an in-house gym with a coach to monitor the employee’s fitness and dietary needs.
  • The provision of a chalet equipped with a kitchen, for a catering area.
  • The organization of numerous in-house events to foster team cohesion: breakfasts, summer meals, Christmas parties, Christmas sweater day…


Groupe Emile is always on the lookout for energy-saving solutions.

In 2016, when David Garnier, President of Groupe Emile wanted to develop a heating and cooling solution for his new 2500m2 logistics warehouse, he called on SFT to develop an ecological, sustainable and high-performance system.

The result is a highly innovative thermal solution combining solar collection with an absorption unit and underfloor heating/cooling.

This solar hot water system is characterized as environmentally friendly due to its operation and performance:

  • Operates without the use of fossil fuels (such as gas or oil).
  • Zero CO2 emissions.
  • Use of solar energy in summer and winter.

An ecological dimension that in no way detracts from performance, which is very high indeed.

Groupe Emile defines itself as a pioneer. It is with great pride that this system is recognized as the first installation of an absorption solar combi-system in France.

A second system is currently under construction to upgrade the flue gas from a boiler, which will result in the production of :

  • Domestic hot water.
  • Hot water for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Plant heating.
  • Cooling of oil and other fluid tanks.

At Groupe Emile, the environment and the reduction of our energy consumption are of paramount importance. That’s why we call on the most qualified service providers in this field to implement high-performance, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Partnership with APAF

Groupe Emile has chosen to support the Association pour la Protection des Arbres Fertilitaires de l’Agroforesterie et la Foresterie (APAF). A non-profit association founded on August 19, 2008, headquartered in France, but also represented in Belgium and Switzerland.

We became involved with this association through our Foundation in Mali. Indeed, APAF operates in this African country with which we have such a special relationship.

APAF introduces trees into the fields (20 to 100 trees per hectare) so that crops can be grown around them. The result is a crop that takes root on the same plots, year after year, with no need for costly fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

The results are as follows:

  • Natural, sustainable soil fertilization without fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Increasing yields and diversifying production;
  • Production of firewood and field services;
  • Fodder production with foliage in the dry season;
  • Reducing women’s workload by harvesting wood close to villages;
  • Enriching biodiversity;
  • Regulating water cycles and improving resources;
  • Combating climate change through carbon sinks;
  • The sedentarization of farmers and, consequently, the fight against rural exodus.

The donation made by Groupe Emile in 2019 enabled the planting of 5,000 trees.

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